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+2 Commerce

The following combinations in Commerce Stream are allowed. Any deviation of this will not be entertained.

Compulsory Subject (Compulsory subject in English and MIL carries 200 marks. 100 marks in 1st year and 100 marks in 2nd year)
1. English
2. MIL (Oriya / Alternative English)

Environment Education (Compulsory)
1. Theory 70 marks.
2. Project Work 30 Marks (Total 100 Marks in 1st year).

Elective Subjects (Each elective subject carries 200 marks.100 marks in 1st year and 100 marks in 2nd year)
1. Accounting
2. Business Studies & Management
3. Business Mathematics & Statistics

A student shall have to offer any one of the following groups

Either group "A" or group "B" for 3rd and 4th elective subject.

  Group-A Group-B
Group-1 Commercial Banking Insurance
Group-2 Salesmanship Business Mathematics & Statistics
Group-3 Fundamentals of Company Fundamentals of Management A/c;
Group-4 Information Technology-1 Information Technology-